Excited as this wonderful book has just arrived on my doorstep it is so informative and shows all the familar yoga asana’s but with modifications using block, brick, belts and a chair.

I am sure I will be using some of the modifications in my classes.

As we get older we tend to loose our flexibility and simple tasks such as bending (we all know the noises we make when picking something up) or stretching, become more difficult we may also struggle with balance. Yoga is a wonderful way of enabling us to continue to be flexible even with age.

It also helps with our balance which is very important particularly as we get older no one wants to fall or trip and older bones break more easily.

So even if you think your pretty fit and you garden or walk a lot you may still struggle with the bending and stretching and your balance may still be a little wobbly at times

By adopting a 10 minute practice a few times a week using a chair or props you can really make a difference to the way your body functions and not only that it will help with keeping a sharp mind.

So folks just remember its never to late to start and your never too old to try something new.